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    Deploying Topics in EAR

    David Hosier Newbie

      I'm trying to deploy some JMS topics via an EAR file in JBoss 5.1 and HornetQ 2.0.0GA.  I followed the discussion in the thread at http://community.jboss.org/thread/19053, and I created a hornetq-jms.xml file and placed it in the root of my EAR.  That configuration looks like:



      <configuration xmlns="urn:hornetq"
                  xsi:schemaLocation="urn:hornetq /schema/hornetq-jms.xsd">
          <topic name="osi.notifications.alert">
              <entry name="/topic/osi.notifications.alert" />
          <topic name="osi.notifications.managedObject">
              <entry name="/topic/osi.notifications.managedObject" />
          <topic name="osi.notifications.mim">
              <entry name="/topic/osi.notifications.mim" />
          <topic name="osi.notifications.propagation">
              <entry name="/topic/osi.notifications.propagation" />


      Once the server is started, I can see all these topics appear to be deployed by checking the org.hornetq category in the jmx-console, and I can see an address and module MBean for each topic there.  My problem is that these topics are not bound in JNDI.  My code gets NamingExceptions, and I confirmed they were missing by checking the JNDIView MBean.  If I put these topics in the existing hornetq-jms.xml under hornetq.sar instead, everything works just fine, and I confirmed the topics are in JNDI through the JNDIView MBean.  Any ideas what the issue may be?