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    ScrollableDataTable Headers (and footers) disappear after mi

    Michael Kalman Newbie

      I attempted to migrate from 3.2.0.SR1 to 3.3.0.GA to resolve an issue with some of the ScrollableDataTables application which closely resembled RF-4164.

      However after migrating, we get javascript errors and our column headings don't render at all (we previously had issues only after a reRender). The table bodies still render correctly.

      The javascript errors are:
      1) 'style' is null or not an object
      2) 'Utils.getRule(...).style' is null or not an object

      Here is a simplified version of one of our tables which reproduces the problem:

      <rich:scrollableDataTable id="testTable" value="#{fulfillmentController.filteredReservationList}" var="reservationtest" height="75px">
      <rich:column width="100px">
      <f:facet name="header"><h:outputText value="Name" /></f:facet>
      <h:outputText value="#{reservationtest.fullName}"/>
      <f:facet name="footer"><h:outputText value="xNamex" /></f:facet>
      <rich:column width="100px">
      <f:facet name="header"><h:outputText value="Test" /></f:facet>
      <h:outputText value="TEST"/>
      <f:facet name="footer"><h:outputText value="xTestx" /></f:facet>

      We have some a4j:outputPanel's wrapped outside of our scrollableDataTables (I believe that was implicated in RF-4164)

      We are using IE 6.0.2900, jdk1.5.0_12 and JSF 1.2.