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    http session clustering issue

    Venkatesh Balaji Newbie

      Dear All,


      I have an issue with "http session clustering", hardware/software setup : 2 windows 2003 box loaded with jboss 4.2.2 GA and a seperate box for Apache server for load-balancing with mod-jk connector & sticky-session in false mode. Jboss started with jboss-web-cluster.sar and aop.sar, deployed a web-application with <distributable/> tag in the web-app and replication mode is REPL_SYNC. Now my problem is, lets say if I start the apps1 first and apps2 after the apps1 start-up, all my session creation done at apps1 getting replicated or shared with apps2, but any session created at apps2 is not replicating or not getting shared back to apps1, any reason for this? did I missed any specific setup in the clustering.