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    Empty string process variable on Oracle 9i

    Martin Pradny Newbie

      I've just moved jbpm 4.3 application form my test environment on MySQL to customer's test server which storing data in Oracle 9i. I process I'm using process variables and test them in decision nodes, eg. is there is something take one path, otherwise take different one.


      Problem is that when I store empty string variable in the database is physically stored null. When I try to read it back in EL I get error that variable has not been found.


      I have found thread discussing handling null values in EL, but this is slightly different case. If I store "" I want to get "" back.


      This should be completely transparent for the jbpm engine.


      Am I missing some configuration in hibernate? I don't want to use solution that I would store some fake value instead of empty string e.g. "$$this_is_really_empty" .