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    Ajax functionality stopped working

    Sergey Morenets Newbie



      I have RichFaces application developed on Windows computer and hosted at Linux system. From some time the Ajax functionality stopped working on production system. The developer environment works OK.

      I added the sample from livedemo.exadel on both systems and also a4j:log to debug the flow


      <h:form id="myform">
               <h:panelGrid columns="2">
                   <h:inputText id="myinput" value="#{userBean.name}">
                       <a4j:support event="onkeyup" reRender="outtext" />
                   <h:outputText id="outtext" value="#{userBean.name}" />


      Here is extract of the log output from the working application


      debug[11:31:46,002]:  Find <meta name='Ajax-Update-Ids'  content='myform:outtext'>
      debug[11:31:46,003]:  Find <meta name='Ajax-Response' content='true'>
      debug[11:31:46,004]: Header  Ajax-Update-Ids not found, search in <meta>
      debug[11:31:46,006]: search for elements  by name 'meta'  in element #document
      debug[11:31:46,008]: Find <meta  name='Ajax-Update-Ids' content='myform:outtext'>
      debug[11:31:46,009]: Update page by list  of rendered areas from response myform:outtext


      And extract of the log output where Ajax functionality is broken


      debug[11:34:08,745]:  Find <meta name='Ajax-Update-Ids' content=''>
      debug[11:34:08,747]: Find <meta  name='Ajax-Response' content='true'>
      debug[11:34:08,748]: Header Ajax-Update-Ids not found,  search in <meta>
      debug[11:34:08,749]:  search for elements by name 'meta'  in element #document
      debug[11:34:08,751]: Find <meta  name='Ajax-Update-Ids' content=''>
      warn[11:34:08,752]: No information in response about  elements to replace


      Your help is appreciated.


      JSF 1.2

      RichFaces 3.3.1