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    Jboss 5.1 - org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBException while deploying the ear file

    Prakash M Novice

      I am getting the following errors while deploying the decisionstranslated-2.0.0.ear file in Jboss 5.1.

      Note: This was working in Jboss 4.2.3 without any exceptions.

      Please find the attached file for stack trace.


      Contents of decisionstranslated-2.0.0.ear/decisionstranslated.jar


      |_ ejb-jar.xml

      |_ Jboss.xml

      |_ MANIFEST.MF

      Java class file (uk.co…….class)


      Contents of ejb-jar.xml

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      <!DOCTYPE ejb-jar PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0//EN" "http://java.sun.com/dtd/ejb-jar_2_0.dtd">


      <ejb-jar >


         <description><![CDATA[No Description.]]></description>

         <display-name>Generated by XDoclet</display-name>






         <assembly-descriptor >






      Contents of Jboss.xml

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <!DOCTYPE jboss PUBLIC "-//JBoss//DTD JBOSS 4.0//EN" "http://www.jboss.org/j2ee/dtd/jboss_4_0.dtd">














      Contents of MANIFEST.MF

      Manifest-Version: 1.0

      Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.7.1

      Created-By: 14.3-b01 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

      Built-By: prakash

      Class-Path: lib/mands-common-persistent-2.0.0.jar lib/mands-j2ee-s

      upport-2.0.0.jar lib/mands-jmx-support-2.0.0.jar lib/mands-utilities-

      2.0.0.jar third_party_lib/jakarta/commons-lang-2.0.jar third_party_li



      Contents of Java class file

      public class PendingProcessedDecisionsService

          implements PendingProcessedDecisionsServiceMBean



          public PendingProcessedDecisionsService()


              state = MBeanState.CREATED;




          public void start()

              throws RemoteException, NamingException, JMException




                  Context ic = new InitialContext();

                  SessionFactory sessions =(SessionFactory)ic.lookup("java:mands/decisionstranslated/sessionFactory");

                  dao = new PendingProcessedDecisionsDaoImpl(sessions);


              catch(ClassCastException e)


                  throw e;


              state = MBeanState.ACTIVE;



          public long getPendingProcessedDecisions()


              return estimatedPendingProcessedDecisions;



          public void updatePendingProcessedDecisionsEstimate()


              estimatedPendingProcessedDecisions = dao.getPendingProcessedDecisionCount();



          private MBeanState state;

          private PendingProcessedDecisionsDao dao;

          public static final String HIBERNATE_SESSION_FACTORY = "java:mands/decisionstranslated/sessionFactory";

          private long estimatedPendingProcessedDecisions;

          Logger logger;



      It would be great, if anyone provides some inputs to resolve this issue.