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    set a tab to the right corner

    nimo stephan Master

      I have 4 tabs in a rich:tabPanel and I want to position the the last tab (tab4) to the right side and the others should still at the position defined by headerAlignment:



      <rich:tabPanel .. headerAlignment="center">

      <rich:tab id="tab1">


      <rich:tab id="tab2">


      <rich:tab id="tab3">


      <rich:tab id="tab4" style="float:right;">




      unfortunately the style "float:right" does not work!


      using this:


      <rich:tab  id="tab4" style="margin-left:200px;">



      tab4 moves to the right, but the other tabs are also moved.


      I used firebug to discover which style is responisble for that, but I cannot find any.


      So how can I set the position of the last tab to the right side?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          It's not possible for now. Some workarounds like usage of two tab panels without content with different tabs positionsin in one line and content tabPanel without tabs for content possible. But not sure maybe this would cause some code overhead for you and some custom solution would be more easier than such workarounds. That's up to you.


          Thanks for interesting thought I will add to the 4.x components review page.