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    rich messages and ajax push

    Atul Kshirsagar Newbie


      In our application we are using modal panels for doing configuration operations. The modal panel has input fields required for configuration operation. The error messages are conveyed to the user using rich:messages for global message and rich:message for input field specific errors. Both the rich:messages and rich:message are on modal panel. Main web page has multiple data tables that are refreshed using a4j:push. What I observed is that the message displayed by rich:message and rich:messages go away when any of the a4j:push tag checks for events (after the interval specified in the a4j:push tag) whether or not the a4j:push actually results in re-rendering of the target component. Because of this the messages disappear very quickly as the interval specified in a4j:push tag is 10 secs. Is there a way by which I can prevent rich:message/rich:messages getting wiped out when a4j:push checks for events?