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    PDF load problem with uppercase

    Raymundo Pedroza Newbie

      Hello every body, i have a problem with a routine in fact a html tag that load a static pdf file, the situation is that  in the aplication the users load a pdf file in the server, then another user have to see the pdf file, but when the pdf file have a name and extension with lowercase everything function very well





      , but when i have the extension with uppercase letter PDF, sometimes it works and other times doesnot work





      , and is the same with the name off the file if this is in uppercase with blanks some times works and other times not




      file name. PDF or FILE NAME.PDF


      The solution is rename the file to lowercase without blanks in the name and in the extension, and after that everything work fine, the other point is that aplication was working in tomcat and everything works fine, does anybody have an idea for that situation.


      Thank you in advance.