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    How to enable JBoss Tools content assist for JSF xhtml files

    Florian Minjat Newbie



      I'm using IBM RAD 7.5 (based on eclipse 3.4.1) to develop JSF+Facelets+Richfaces applications.


      I wanted to have the content assist for the xhtml JSF pages. I managed to do so using JSP Editor, adding jsp:root on every xhtml file and storing tlds in the WEB-INF folder, but it isn't very clean nor easy to add on an already existing project...


      I saw that JBoss tools provides content assist, so I installed the "JBoss Tools RichFaces feature" from JBossTools-3.0.3.GA.zip. It installed without any errors, and I have new items for my WEB projects to "Add JSF capabilities..." and I can open the xhtml pages with JBoss Tools XML editor or JBoss Tools JSP editor. I didn't change anything nor used any wizard from JBoss Tools as my project are already working well and I don't want to change there configuration. But I still don't have any content assist in my JSF xhtml files, even with those. I still get the same error than without the JBoss Tools installed: "<ui:composition> has no known child tags".


      I couln't find any documentation of forum discution on how to enable the content assist feature using JBoss Tools. Am I missing something or is it impossible ?