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    one of the ways to integrate JPA/Spring with jBPM

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      I tried to research this before on this forum and I don't think that there is a consensus on how to make jBPM to work seamlessly with JPA/Spring

      We implemented an approach that works for us and I figured I will describe it here and see if there is any feedback from the community






      - problem overview

        - when JPA/Spring is used the desire is to make jBPM to join JPA transactions seamlessly

        - the issue boils down to Hibernate sessions - how to inject sessions managed by Spring to jBPM

        - Spring manages EntityManagerFactory and EntityManager objects and a common approach (which we use) is to use @PersistenceContext() annotation in DAO objects and have Spring inject EntityManager instances (which are wrappers around Hibernate sessions) into DAOs

        - so we need to get a hold of EntityManager, get the underlying Hibernate session and provide it to jBPM when it asks for it


      - solution overview

        - implement custom jBPM wire object for HibernateSession

        - in the object descriptor make a call to a bridge object that uses @PersistenceContext() and is managed by Spring and get Hibernate session from it every time jBPM needs it


      see the attached files for details. code has comments in it