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    How to save extendedDataTable state w/o JSON/clientId depend

    Thomas W Newbie

      I'm looking for a way to persist the state of extendedDataTable w/o dependency on the current page structure and generated DOM element ids. I would like to be able to extract the state from the component and save it in an application specific way.

      ExtendedDataTable has get/setTableState to retrieve the current table configuration. Unfortunately this is a to be parsed JSON string and refers to the component generated client side IDs. I also looked at componentState, which is set during initial page rendering but does not seem to be updated when the table is changed through AJAX updates (could not see the visible flag in HtmlColumn reflect the actual column visibility).

      It appears then the only way to relate current table state to the actual columns server-side is to parse the JSON string and then match it against the HtmlColumns in componentState to find the actual column?

      Is there any straightforward method to see the table state reflected in the component columns other than this?