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    Migration 3.2.8 -> 5.0/6.0

    Michael Auracher Newbie

      Hi all,


      As I have to migrate our old JBoss AS environment to version 5 (or better version 6) i wonder if there are any migration tools out there or any good instructions to do that.


      I saw instructions for the migration to 4.0.x but I don't like to do a double migration. My wish would be to do it in one step.

      (it may be a small step for mankind but a giant leap for me )


      We use:

      JBoss 3.2.8


      JSF 1.1



      Any hints or instructions would be helpful.


      Thanks and

      best regards


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          jaikiran pai Master

          There are no migration tools. Users usually download the latest AS (5.1.0 is the latest stable) and then deploy their application on those servers. If and when you run into any deployment issues, you can always ask about it here. If your application was changing/customizing some JBoss specific file, then such file might have been moved or changed. Other than that, there won't usually be many changes to the application.

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            rak pr Newbie


            Do you have any lessions learned in your gain leap! (Jboss 3.x to 5/6.x).
            Thanx in advance.

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              Michael Auracher Newbie


              The migration process is still ongoing.

              As I don't have the time for that a collegue got bothered with that challenge .


              Our way:

              Create a sample EJB with Eclipse/Nebeans for JB5, to get all needed config files on the correct place.

              Afterwards, replace the new EJB with the existing and adapt the code (annotations)

              Migrating the EJBs is more or less 'easy' and after the first successfully migrated file it is strait forward.


              More interesting challenges: Mbeans, MDBs, sar files change completely (currently ongoing)


              The most important learning: break it into peaces!

              Step by step.

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                Michael Auracher Newbie

                Little update on the migration.

                We changed all existing EJBs, servlets and all other beans (MDBs, MBeans).

                JSF 2.0 is also running

                Migrating the UI drove us nutsby the way .

                Now all schedulers have to be reconfigured. I am curious about that part.

                There is still a lot of work to do but finally we will solve it.


                As I have to write a docu about or migration anyways, perhaps I will post some of it here.

                But documentation will be the last part