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    MVP with Errai ? UiBinder ?

    Wilhelm Wolfheimer Newbie



      as you know MVP (model-view-presenter) has become the preferred approach for architecting complex GWT applications.


      Moreover there has been introduction of UiBinder with GWT 2.0, also there are third-party widget libraries like Ext-GWT.


      I was wondering:


      1- if Errai is built with MVP in mind or follows the Google GWT best practices for MVP ? is it possible to do MVP Errai ?


      2- is UiBinder supported ? does Ext-GWT work ?


      3- what is Errai's approach to Persistence ?

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          Heiko Braun Master

          Yes, you can use the bus todo MVP with Errai. However we still have some constraints on the message payload that's being

          send over the bus. I.e. complex types need to have the marshaller/unmarshaller being generated (@ExposeEntity). Event though they might only be used on the client side. But we are looking into adding some MVP examples to the codebase and remove the remaining constraints, if possible.

          But if you want to give it a try, any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.