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    Is there auto-injection going on?

    David Bosschaert Expert

      Looking at the Spring demo in the User's Guide examples I can see that it references the mcBean and gets injected by it. However the mcBean itself doesn't explicitly reference the SimpleBean...


      {code:xml}<bean id="testBean" class="org.jboss.example.microcontainer.spring.SimpleBean">   

         <!-- other stuff -->

         <property name="refBean"><ref bean="mcBean"/></property>


      <bean xmlns="urn:jboss:bean-deployer:2.0" name="mcBean" class="org.jboss.example.microcontainer.spring.MCBean"/>{code}


      however, the MCBean still gets injected by the SimpleBean through the setSimpleBean() method


      {code}public class MCBean
         public void setSimpleBean(SimpleBean simpleBean)
            System.out.println("Setting simple bean: " + simpleBean);


      Is there some auto-injection going on or am I missing the declaration for it somewhere?