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    ExtendedDataTable filtering and select all

    Jonathan Moores Newbie

      I am trying to get a select/deselect all working with the extendedDataTable. I have began with the demo code as a starting point so I in my managed bean I have an ArrayList of the selected items that is currently being held in the Selection and is displayed in a separate table in the html page.


      I have seen discussions about this before but I have the following issues:


      - If I use the SimpleSelection.clear() and SimpleSelection.setSelectAll(true|false) this leaves the selection object empty with only the 'selectAll' attribute of the selection set.


      - If I filter for a specific value and then select all and then remove the filter I would like to only have the items selected as were shown during filtering. This is not the case with SimpleSelection.setSelectAll(true).


      So I guess at the end of all that - how do I get my hands on the row keys that are currently displayed (with filtering applied)??