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    unordered list inside rich:dataTable not rendering correctly

    Marci Miller Newbie

      I have a very strange issue occurring.  I have an unordered list inside a rich:dataTable.  It renders correctly the first time you come to the page.  But when you launch a modal panel from this screen, then close the modal panel and rerender the page it no longer renders correctly.  By not rendering correctly I mean it has a big block of white space in the beginning of each column and the columns are no longer aligned correctly.  Here is a a snippet from the code:


      <rich:column valign="top">
                   <ui:repeat value="#{rollup.lastNames}" var="name">
                       <li style="#{rollup.getOffenderLastNameColorStyle$[name]}"><h:outputText value="#{name}" /></li>


      First time coming to the screen:


      After the rerender:



      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance!