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    Datagrid submit problem

    Marc Froehlich Newbie



      Actually I use the richfaces-ui-3.3.2.SR1 libs, Eclipse Galileo (sr), Server is an Apache Tomcat 6.0.26.


      I am new to richfaces and want to use it for a little user management tool.

      An administrator should can create customers of a system - important:

      He should can create a few customers at the same time (by a few clicks).


      I have a rich:dataGrid wich should render from 3 to 99 panels (user defined) with inplace inputs and comboboxes.

      Then I want to put these data in an ArrayList of objects called "Customer" (later these data should be persisted in a mySQL DB).


      To render the datagrid correctly (The dataGrid-panels will not be rendered if the Source / Destenation - ArrayList is empty) i got an inputNumberSpinner wich (with onchange a4j support) creates an "empty" ArrayList with even initialization data.

      So long - that works well.


      At the bottom of the overview page I got a rich:datatable for showing the content of my ArrayList.


      If I change any field at the grid it doesent work at the first try.

      It only works on the second try.

      I am really annoyed, after a few days I didnt found a solution.

      I really hope that anyone can give me a tip.


      The Index.jsp is a simply loginpage wich (at this time) logs in at a very simple way and forwards the user to the overview page.

      The dataGrid wich is shown in the video uses a ArrayList wich is generated initially at the overview - bean.


      If anyone of you have a better way to create many (Customer -) objects and write it to a database or architecture advices: please tell me - I am really new to web-development in this way.


      I attached my workspace (without build and server) as zip archive and the most important


      Thanks for reading!