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    Missing Errai snapshots

    Alejandro Guizar Master

      I recently switched both jBPM 3 and 4 to the new Nexus repo and, as expected, got a few missing dependencies. Among them I have:

      • org.jboss.errai:errai-parent:pom:1.1-SNAPSHOT
      • org.jboss.errai:errai-common:jar:1.1-SNAPSHOT
      • org.jboss.errai:errai-bus:pom:1.1-SNAPSHOT



      • org.jboss.bpm:gwt-console-server:war:jbpm:2.1-SNAPSHOT


      Can you either deploy these artifacts or point me to their source repositories?


      UPDATE. The Errai snapshots appear to have been deployed, yet only metadata files (.md5, .sha1, .audit.json) are present. The actual artifacts (.jar, .pom, -source.jar) are missing.


      I located the Subversion repos, though I was unable to deploy myself due to lack of authorization (also as expected)

      [INFO] Error deploying artifact: Failed to transfer file: https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/snapshots//org/jboss/errai/errai-parent/1.1-SNAPSHOT/errai-parent-1.1-SNAPSHOT.pom. Return code is: 401