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    ModalPanel Drag -> HighLight all the text of the ModalPanel

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      I'm using a ModalPanel with the header facet (RichFaces 3.2.2.SR1).

      When i click on the header of the modalpanel to drag it, all the text of the modalpanel is highlighted. When i release the left button of the mouse, the drag is finished, but all the text is highlighted.

      I don't know what to do to solve this problem.






      ModalPanel Code :

      <rich:modalPanel id="monPanel" keepVisualState="true" autosized="true">
              <f:facet name="header"><span></span></f:facet>
              <div><rich:messages showSummary="true"/></div>
              <h:form id="monPanelForm">
                  <a:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true">
                        <legend><h:outputText value="#{msg.fieldsetCreation}" escape="false" /></legend>
                              <label for="monPanelForm:nom">
                              <h:graphicImage url="/images/obligatoire.gif" alt="obligatoire" /><h:outputText value="#{msg.lblNom}" /></label>
                              <h:inputText id="nom" value="#{monbean.nom}" label="#{msg.erreurComNom}" maxlength="100" required="true" tabindex="1"/>



                          <h:graphicImage value="../images/obligatoire.gif"/>
                          <h:outputText value="#{msgRef.infoObligatoire}" />