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    Invoke remote service between two diferent jboss version

    Fausto De La Torre Newbie

      HI, I have the next problem and I wish that anyone can help me to find the best solution:


      In jboss 4.3 I have an ejb module wich has a service (@Stateless) that implements a Remote Interface, in Jboss 4.2.2 I have an ejb module with a service, I want this service invokes remote interface.

      For this I used RMI implementation but, apparently there are a serialVersionUID problem between the versions of the servers.


      I want to know if this is the real problem, if it is the case, What is the best solution to my problem without using Web Services,

      if it is not the real problem please help me.


      Thanks in advance.


      PD: My english is not good but I hope you will understand me