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    discuss about unresolved issues of jBPM 4.4

    HuiSheng Xu Master

      Hi all,

        There are 29 unresolved issues in jBPM 4.4.  Maybe we could discuss about them and make sure how to handle them.  Here is issue list.


      1JBPM-2535 Exception during async execution  causes multiple instances of the same task being inserted to the  databaseCannot reproduct and have uploaded a testcase. It may be marked as  cannot 'reproduced' or 'resolved'.
      2JBPM-2537 A triggered timer does not end the  task which is leftIt seems to affect some api interface and backward compatible.  Could we  deplay it to jBPM 4.x?
      3JBPM-2686 consider deprecating language  attributes that are related to expr attributesDid the new expr valid for production? If so, deprecating language  attributes of expr is a good idea, otherwise we may deplay this issue to  jBPM 4.x.
      4JBPM-2700 add test chapter to userguideThis is document work. If nobody contribute to do it. It may be deplay  to jBPM 4.x
      5JBPM-2704 jms receive activityThere is no details for this issue. If there is no plan for this. It may  be deplay to jBPM 4.x.
      6JBPM-2705 put non xa jms resources in transation  contextI am not familiar with xa. Is there any plan for this issue? Could we  deplay it to jBPM 4.x?
      7JBPM-2310 introduce load testingThis issue is related to QA and load test. I don't know how to do it.
      8JBPM-2697 split up devguide incubation chapter  into multiple incubation chaptersIt is a document issue.  Suggest to split up the incubation chapter of  devGuide.  Is there any plan for this?
      9JBPM-2714 fix hudson upgrade jobIt looks like a issue for configure hudson.
      10JBPM-2699 extend query API test coverageI think I could write some testcases for this issue.
      11JBPM-2653 refactor expressions from jsf 223 to  el for seam integrationchange expression from JSR 223 to unified el. Is there any plan for this  one?
      12JBPM-2775 add assgin activityThe AssignActivity of jPDL did not add to jbpm.jpdl.bindings.xml yet. Is  there any plan to add it in jPDL?
      13JBPM-2777 jBPM 4.3 EL cannot read null process  variable - javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException is thrownRonald has already provide patch and testcase for this.
      14JBPM-2781 jBPM - Signavio models compatibilityIt is an issue for BPMN. And there is no details for this.  Could we  deplay it to jBPM 4.x?
      15JBPM-1209support for expressionsThis issue lasts two years. What we should do now? Delay it to next  year?
      16JBPM-2758 NPE on assignmentHandler when use  fork/joinIt had been resolved by Ronald in forum:  http://community.jboss.org/thread/146754.  I think I could create a  patch and testcase for this.
      17JBPM-2835 HistoryDetail not saved in databaseIs there any plan for implement HistoryDetail?
      18JBPM-2776 document variable declarationsSince variable declaration is not implement yet.  The document work may  be deplayed.
      19JBPM-2794 Constraint vailoation when moving  from wait state using timer that result in looping back to the same wait  stateThe simplest way to fix this issue is append execution.getDbid() to the  compositeId.
      String executionId = base + "." + executionPart + "."
      + execution.getDbid();
      the execution.getDbid() always created before invoke  execution.composeIds(), so it could make execution.getId() unique.
      I think I could provide a patch and testcase for this.
      20JBPM-2703 Deserialization fails to work using  custom ClassLoaderMaciej is working on it.
      21JBPM-2800 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:  javax.el.ExpressionFactory.newInstance() on AS 5.0.0This issue is related by conflicting between el-api.jar and juel.jar. Is  there any plan for it?
      22JBPM-2755 EL support in tasks  <decription> tagRonald has already provide patch and testcase for it.
      23JBPM-2719 check repository service inheritenceThe AbstractService only provide a way to get and set commandService.   The RepositoryServiceImpl should extends AbstractService like other  services, so we could set or get CommandService more easier.
      24JBPM-2808 document dynamic subprocessesNo more details. Is there any plan for this?
      25JBPM-2844 custom mail producer does not set the  MailTemplateIt seems Alejandro has already fix this.
      26JBPM-2765 With the introduction of the id  generator sql-scripts (${jbpm.home}/install/src/db/create) were not  updatedThis issue may be marked as 'not a bug'.
      27JBPM-2584 Command execution problems:  org.hibernate.MappingException: Named query not knownThese three cmd has been out of date, should be removed.
      28JBPM-2506 add variable declarationsThis feature is very useful. Is there any plan for this?
      29JBPM-2505 ProcessInstanceQuery - no way to  search by process variablesBecause of the performance, it may be deplayed to jBPM 4.x.


        Any opinions are very appreciated.

        Thank you very much.

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          Sebastian Schneider Master

          I forgot that you had posted a list here and just started a seperate thread for an issue. Maybe we should post short comments or opinions in JIRA and then decided if we need further discussions in the forums?

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            HuiSheng Xu Master

            Hi Sebastian,


              Thank you for your reply.  I just want to point out the current status of jBPM 4.4.  Maybe we could find a way to release jBPM 4.4 as fast as possible.  In my opinion,  I don't want to add any new features in the jBPM 4.4.  There are plenty of bug fixing jobs.

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              Alejandro Guizar Master

              HuiSheng, this detailed analysis is great, thanks! In the interest of releasing jBPM 4.4 as soon as possible I think we should push all but the most urgent fixes to 4.x. As a matter of fact, I'm going to defer every issue identified as delayable in the above table unless someone expresses a different opinion (and helps figure a solution!). Once I've done that I'll focus on merging the contributed patches and test cases.

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                HuiSheng Xu Master

                Hi Alejandro,


                Thank you for your reply.  And I am glad to hear that we would have a plan to release jBPM 4.4.  It is really a good news.


                  And Sebastian, Maciej and me are discussing about JBPM-2537, since it is a serious issue and will cause many changes in API, PVM and JPDL, we hope your could join our discussion.  Thank you very much.



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                  Johan Dykström Newbie



                  I'm happy to hear that you are not going to add any new features to version 4.4, and that version 4.4 will actually be released! Since the one bugfix I'm interested in is already implemented (nested forks) I would vote for a release as soon as possible, pushing all but the most serious issues to the next release. I think it may be of importance to the community to make a release soon to show that jBPM 4 is, in fact, not dead. Would it be possible to manage a release during the next month?


                  Best Regards, Johan

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                    Maciej Swiderski Master



                    I have to admit that we are on the right track to finalize all scheduled work for 4.4 so far. In my opinion most of the work should be done within couple of weeks so I would say that end of June sounds like a good date for 4.4 release (just to be on safe side).

                    Unfortunately I am not in charge so we have to wait for Alejandro opinion but hopefully we will manage to deliver a stable 4.4 release with bug fixes and so enhancements as well (mainly those that have been already implemented).


                    Besides bug fixing we are trying to put some focus on documentation as well, especially for these elements that have been asked several times on the forum.


                    Please refer to JIRA for the latest status and feel free to comment and vote ... there is still some issues left