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    Textarea and textfield allowing no spaces

    Matthias Wermund Newbie



      I have a form which is submitted using a4j:commandButton. The form is included in my main page using ui:include, here is a snippet of the form:



      <h:form id="form_#{paramContactArea}">
                              <h:outputLabel for="contactFormText">
                                      <h:outputText value="#{i18n['yourmessage']}"/>
                              <h:inputTextarea id="contactFormText" styleClass="d_frm_txt" rows="7" cols="100" value="#{contactBean.message.message}">
                                      <rich:beanValidator summary="#{i18n['message']}"/>
                              <rich:message for="contactFormText" showSummary="true" showDetail="false" />


      The h:inputTextarea has a serious problem: The user cannot enter a space (" ") into it. It just won't insert anything when the user presses the space bar key. Every other character works, even line breaks.


      It seems some Javascript prevents the space to appear there. When I turn on "Hold on next JS execution" in Firebug, I see that pressing the space bar key leads to some call in the ajax4jsf file framework.pack.js.jsf, so I think it is filtered out there.


      Has anyone an explaination why this happenes? I see no reason for it... There is no rich:key registered.


      Thanks in advance!