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    Msg ordering in a cluster

    Bill Burke Master

      I'm running into a quandry with message ordering in a cluster.  For those of you that were on the REST-* Messaging call, you know that stateless subscribers that pull hold a bookmark into the topic to maintain their index into the topic via a URL.  My problem is, how to maintain strict message sequencing within a cluster?  Without sequencing the same URL may return different values if not sequenced correctly.  Currently, in my non-clustered impl,  I'm forwarding all messages to one consumer that sets the "next" link on the previously posted message.  I guess I'd have to do the same within a cluster and have one and only one node be the sequencer for all messages?  Any idea on how to make this a bit more clever or more efficient?


      For such a system, I was thinking already of using Infinispan as a message repository, so single-node sequencing would only have to sequence message references and not actual messages.