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    a4j:support: action and reRender order problem

    pomcompot Newbie

      I got exactly the same problem than here with this code :

             <a4j:support  id="takeLivraisonSelection"
                     action="#{choixLivraison.takeLivraisonSelection}" />


        <div id="actionButtons">
            <s:button  view="/ChoixEnvironnement.xhtml"
                     value="Sélectionner la cible du déploiement"
                 <f:param name="from" value="ChoixLivraison" />


      getSelectedLivraison is called before choixLivraison.takeLivraisonSelection, so selectedLivraison is empty and my button is never enabled. Don’t understand anything…  What can change the order of reRender and action phases?


      Thanks in  advance.


      P.S.: Sort of double posting because I don’t know if answered questions are followed.