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    JBoss service - can it work so it reports 'started' after deployment is finished?

    John Newman Newbie



      A little background information, we have jboss 4.22 wrapped as a windows service using the service installer that comes in the /bin folder.  No issues there, that was simple enough.   We have some things in our /deploy folder, a .rar and a couple .wars.  We are also using a product called mirth, as a windows service.  Mirth essentially 'depends' on jboss, specifically it depends on activemq.rar inside of /deploy being online before it can start.  If we start mirth before activemq is started, the connection fails, and there's a bug with mirth such that it won't ever reconnect


      So, short of fixing the root cause here, what we have done is say that the mirth service depends on the jboss service.  Unfortunately, this didn't help at all, since the jboss service flips to 'started' as soon as run.bat kicks off the jvm in the background.  What we need to happen is that 'started' doesn't get reported until the initial loading of /deploy is finished.  "jboss 4.22 successfully initialized" shows up in the log, ok now start mirth.


      Any ideas about doing that?  Right now our only idea so far is to put a big fat sleep in the bottom of run.bat, but obviously that is a mess.  How can we change run.bat or do something else to not start the mirth service until deploy is finished??


      If we can figure this out, I think the windows service should really work that way by default.