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    reset inputText-Values strange..

    nimo stephan Master

      How can I refresh inputText-Values, when a form is ajax-refreshed?

      I have a button

      <a4j:commandButton immediate="true" action ="{myBean.refresh} reRender="myForm"/>

      <h:inputText id="myInputText" value="#{myInputValue}" validator=".."/>

      class myBean{
      // I use seam
      @In(required="false") @Out(required="false")
      String myInputValue;
      void refresh(){
      myInputValue = "";

      Even myInputValue is definitly set to an empty String, the inputText "myInputText" shows the old data (which was typed before invoking the reset-Button).

      What is the reason for such an odd behaviour?
      Should I use <a4j:form> ?