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    How do we register EJB3 on IIOP name service

    Sebastien Kurz Newbie



      I found this impementation example to register a EJB3 stateless beam but it doesn't work :


      @RemoteBindings({@RemoteBinding(factory = RemoteBindingDefaults.PROXY_FACTORY_IMPLEMENTATION_IOR)})
      @IIOP(interfaceRepositorySupported = false)
      public class SebTestImpl implements SebTest {


          public String getGreeting() {
              return "Hello from JBoss";




      • On version 5.1.0.GA of the JBoss server it doesn't generates any IOR reference ....
      • On version 6 M2 the "factory" parameter of RemoteBinding doesn't even exists ...
      • I don't know on which version the annotation @RemoteBinding(factory = org.jboss.ejb3.remoting.RemoteProxyFactory") works

      (I'm testing with the -all setup of the server ..., The Mico / Ejb2 sample works well on both versions ...)


      So, if someone who develop this stuff could explain what is the right invocation in correspondance with the right server version, it would be great.


      In the current state of the art it is not usable.