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    Help: jQuery plugin breaks after reRender.

    Thomas Kessler Newbie

      I using:
      Java 1.5
      JBoss 4.2.3

      I am trying to use a jQuery multi-drop down menu plugin. Everything works fine until the page gets reRendered. After the reRendering the drop down plugin stops working. Here is how I setup the plugin:

      <a4j:loadScript src="/scripts/multi-ddm/jquery.multi-ddm.js" />
       <rich:jQuery selector="#multi-ddm" name="dropDownMenu" timing="onload"
       query="dropDownMenu({parentMO: 'parent-hover', childMO: 'child-hover1'})" />

      Here's a link to the plugin: http://www.codenothing.com/index.php?blog=10

      I've tried to put the plugin inside the h:panelGroup and outside the h:panelGroup that gets reRendered.

      Any ideas???