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    Modifying Login and Logout behaviour in Gatein

    Ankur Badoni Newbie






      >>We have following requirement for Login.

      1) There is only one public page : Login Page. Containing Login Portlet.

      2) Login Portlet must authenticate user with Kerberos. If user is authenticated, then Login Portlet must do custom authentications -> check if User is added to atleast "one Group" , and the user is not disabled.

      3) If user is authenticated successfully, and no protected page(that requires login) is mentioned in URL, then take the user to a pre-defined portal page (Say 'A'). If login is successful, and a protected page(that requires login, say page 'B') is in the URL, then redirect the user to page B.


      >>We have following requirement for Logout.

      1) Logout on Session Timeout: If session inactivity timeout has occured, and then if a user clicks on a link/performs any action, then take the User to Login page and display inactivity timeout message in Login Portlet.

      2) If a user clicks on Logout , then take him to Login page.



      1) How can I write Login portlet and Logout actions as per above  scenario in Gatein/EPP ?