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    Experiencing decreasing performance in version 4.2.1.GA

    Morten Damm Jensen Newbie

      We have a running production setup where the ESB (version 4.2.1.GA):

      1) reads EDI-files from a speciffic directory and places the contents on the Message

      2) depending on the contents of the file, routes the Message to a corresponding transform Service

      3) transforms the EDI-file to XML using Smooks (EDI2XML followed by an XSLT-transformation)

      4) invokes a bean with the xml as parameter

      5) logs the response in a new file


      This setup processes about 14.000 to 17.000 messages pr day (though only a couple of thousands on weekends).


      We have observed that after running for around four to six months the performance decreases - it is able to process fewer messages pr minute.


      Desperately seeking a solution we tried to stop the ESB, deleted all the (Oracle) tables and sequences (JBM, JBPM, JMX, ...), and started up the ESB again. This sent us back to full speed again!


      This means that there must be some sort of "silting" in the database, but we are unable to point out any of the tables that grow larger after three months than after three days.



      Any input on whether this is "normal" behaviour or if it could be caused by a wrong setup from our side will be greatly appreciated.



      Kind regards

      Morten Damm Jensen