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    RemoteCacheManager doesn't implement CacheManager?

    Supin Ko Newbie



      I just started investigating using Infinispan as a data grid and ran into this puzzlement. I have a setup where we may or may not have a HotRod cluster running in dev. When it is available, I wanted to use RemoteCacheManager, but if not, I wanted to use DefaultCacheManager. My first instinct was to have some logic like:


      CacheManager cacheMgr;

      if (usingRemoteGrid) {

        cacheMgr = new RemoteCacheManager();

      } else {

        cacheMgr = new DefaultCacheManager();




      void shutdown() {




      Surprisingly, this won't compile because RemoteCacheManager doesn't implement CacheManager. Sure, I could use CacheContainer, but then I wouldn't be able to call cacheMgr.stop() because that's in the Lifecycle interface. Is there some compelling reason why RemoteCacheManager can't implement CacheManager?