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    determine master jboss

    erasmo2 marciano2 Master



      Is it possible to detect which one of nodes in the cluster is the master node???


      I use jboss 4.2.3ga


      I haven't found nothing in jmx-console



      Thank You

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          Richard Taylor Newbie

          It's been a while since I've been on 4.2.3 but I have in my notes to look in the JMX console under:

          jboss.partition=mycluster,service=HAPartition -> Current View Property


          Where "mycluster" is obviously the name of your cluster.


          What you want to find is the jgroup's current "View".  It will look like this:


          The first address in this list is the "master" with respect to that cluster. Cluster being the JGroups cluster, which is probably what you're after.