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    How to change number of consumers for MDBs deployed with HornetQ?

    Swapnonil Mukherjee Newbie

      Hi Everybody,


      I have written and deployed an MDB inside the deploy directory of the all-with-hornetq server configuration. I am using HornetQ 2.0 GA embedded inside JBoss 5.1.0 GA.


      I have also configured a queue by the name of /queue/testQueue. Now when I look at the JMX attributes of this queue I see that the consumer count is set at 15 by default. This means I have 15 instances of my MDB which can concurrently receive message from the testQueue.


      What I want to do is manipulate this consumer count. I want to change it to say 30 or 100 for example. How do I do this?