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    Problem to deploy GateIn 3.0.0-GA

    Khemais MENZLI Newbie


      I try de compile and deploy GateIn 3.0.0-GA (maven install -Ppkg-tomcat)


      I checked-out sources from http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/gatein/portal/tags/3.0.0-GA, then i configured the profiles.xml file under folder 'packaging' but when i launched this maven command mvn install -Ppkg-tomcat on folder packaging\pkg i get this error :



      [INFO] [DEPLOY]  E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target//tomcat/lib/shindig-social-api-1.0-r790473-Patch02.jar
      [INFO] [INFO]    Deployed total 187 files
      [INFO] js: "E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/packager/javascript/eXo/core/IOUtil.js", line 65: exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/../../examples/skins/simpleskin/target/gatein-sample-skin.war does not exist
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] Result of cmd.exe /X /C "java -Dexo.package.home=E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/packager -Dexo.current.dir=E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg -Dexo.base.dir=E:\exoplatform -Dexo.conf.dir=E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/packager-conf -Dexo.working.dir=E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/ -Dexo.dep.dir=E:\exoplatform/exo-dependencies -Dexo.m2.repos=file:E:\exoplatform\exo-dependencies\repository -Dclean.server=tomcat-6.0.20 -Dexo.m2.home=E:\exoplatform\maven2 -Xms128m -Xmx512m -classpath E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/packager/lib/js.jar org.mozilla.javascript.tools.shell.Main E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/target/packager/javascript/eXo/eXo.js exobuild --product=portal --deploy=tomcat" execution is: '3'.
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch


      With this error i can launch my server tomcat correctly (connexion is ok with root/gtn)


      Thanks for your help

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          Matt Wringe Master

          when you are calling the 'mvn install -Ppkg-tomcat' are you in the packaging directory or the packaging/pkg directory? You should be calling this from the packaging directory.


          The error message is about a missing file, does that file exist on your system?


          E:\exoplatform\eXoProjects\gatein\tags\3.0.0-GA\packaging\pkg/../../examples/skins/simpleskin/target/gatein-sample-skin.war does not exist
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            Khemais MENZLI Newbie

            Thanks Matt for your reply,

            I have launched mvn install -Ppkg-tomcat from packaging directory and from /packaging/pkg, but i still have the same error.

            How can i add the missing file to my system, i don't know how the dependency for this file is declared in maven

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              Matt Wringe Master

              That file should have been created when you did the mvn install from the portal root directory. If its not created then something is wrong with your initial build of gatein.


              What I usually do to build things is to mvn install from the root directory, then to go into the packaging directory and run maven install -Ppkg-tomcat.


              Are there any errors with build from the root directory?