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    A few more questions

    Lin Ye Novice

      I got a few more questions as follows:


      1. When a putAll() to the cache fails on updating an entry in the middle, and throws exception, does it mean the previous entries keep updated but not the entries after? And if so, is there a way to tell where it fails? Or the update is in an all or nothing manner for putAll?
      2. When rehash is diabled for distributed cache with numOfOwners=2, when an instance leaves the cluster, does it mean for certain data there is only 1 copy left? Otherwise, if rehash is enabled, when an instance leaves, in addition to re-balance all data, does it guarantee the data originally on the leaving node will be re-distributed to 2 remaining instances?
      3. I did some testing with fetchInMemoryState enabled for replicated cache, for a cache with 1M custom objects we typically use, when a new instance as joining the cluster it took near 3 minutes to fetch the states; similarly, for a distributed cache with rehash enabled, for 1M float values it took about 13 seconds to join, while for 1M objects it failed to join with "Couldn't discover and join the cluster". Can the replicated cach joining time be optimized? And how to fix the joining issue for distributed cache with big amount of data?