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    Encryption problem using wsrunclient

    Sidney Zurch Novice

      Is there some logging dependency affecting encryption somewhere in the the JBoss 4.2.3/3.1.1 native client libraries?


      What looked to be a WS-Security server decryption problem now appears to be a problem with the encryption by the client.


      I am running a standalone WS-Security client requiring encryption using wsrunclient.sh.


      If I run the client with logging unconfigured, the server throws a "Decryption was invalid" fault.


      But if I configure logging and set org.jboss.ws to TRACE, the Web service works as expected, which must mean that the client successfully encrypts the message - if enough logging is turned on.


      I have never had to configure logging before for JBossWS clients that did not use encryption.


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