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    some problems in richfaces plz help.....

    tweety bird Newbie

      1) i am using datascroller with dataTable to display pagination, but suppose rows="10" n data received is <=10 items then no page no displays at the bottom of datascroller, , i want even if list is < than rows, page no 1 should be displayed atleast in the datascroller.


      2) suppose i am on page 2, n i click on column header to sort data in dataTable, it sorts the data but doesnt reset the pagenum in datascroller to page 1 which makes it look confusing.. i tried using a4j:support n reRender dataScroller but that didnt work.. plz help..


      3) n how to access pageIndexVar in my jsf page, i want to show the page num in some output text or sumwhr, so how wil i access it ??


      4) i am not able to alter text using innerHTML attrib of JS... i tried modifying the contents of div n p tag with some IDs by using getElementById().innerHTML= my text; but this doesnt change the text nor does using this displays current text of that element.. plz help..