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    How to build JBoss ESB Cluster?

    Younes Yahyaoui Novice



      can someone please help me by answering the following questions:


      1. is JBoss Messaging in the Box or out of the Box JBoss ESB?
      2. if JBoss Messaging is out of the Box, which version of JBoss Messaging must be -trouble-free- installed for JBoss ESB 4.8?
      3. how to build a cluster of JBoss ESB using JBoss Messaging? some helpful tutorials, links, blogs...?
      4. is there a forum for JBoss SOA Platform?
      5. I have tried to work with JBoss SOA Platform standalone to build a cluster of JBoss ESB but i have read that JBoss SOA Platform standalone don't support Clustering. I have tried to work with the soa-5.0.1.GA-signed (full platform), but it seems to need powerful hardware features that my PC don't have (e.g at least 1GB RAM). Any Suggestions please for help?
      6. Any Tutorials to build JBoss Messaging Clustering?