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    Removing Remove JRMPInvoker and JRMPInvokerHA (JBAS-7563)

    Scott Marlow Master

      If you take AS trunk source in a few minutes, you may notice a few things have been removed.  To address JBAS-7563, JRMPInvoker & JRMPInvokerHA will be removed.  Some related classes/resources will also be removed.


      JSR-160 support (JBAS-7818) replaces most of the uses of JRMPInvoker.  If you need high availability or transactional support, EJB session beans should be used.


      Classes RMIAdapter & RMIAdapterExt are also being removed with this change.  Any references to RMIAdapter can be changed to use JSR-160 (MBeanServerConnection) support.  There is a code example of getting the MBeanServerConnection here http://community.jboss.org/wiki/HowDoIGetRemoteAccessToMyMBean or see the sources for twiddle or shutdown commands.


      Again, this is for the AS trunk (6.0 CR1 target).  I passed the AS smoke tests and cluster unit tests with this change.