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    JBPM-2535,JBPM-2765,JBPM-2515 could be closed

    HuiSheng Xu Master

      Hi guys,


        There were some out of date issues in JIRA.  They could be closed.  Please review them.


      JBPM-2535Exception during async execution  causes multiple instances of the  same task being inserted to the  databaseCannot reproduce Bug
      JBPM-2765With the introduction of the id  generator sql-scripts  (${jbpm.home}/install/src/db/create) were not  updatedImcomplete Description
      JBPM-2515End activityname not accessible through History APIOut of date


        Actually, JBPM-2765 is not a bug,  but there is not any descriptions as 'Not Bug' here, so I use the 'Imcomplete Description'.


        If nobody disgree, I will close them.  Thank you very much.