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    A question about jquery in RF3.3 Final

    Daniel Yang Novice


            Before RF3.3, RF load all necessary js files when page rendered, right?

            So I could use jquery directly.

            But now I used RF3.3 Final, it seems that those js files will be loaded on any component that used them appeared in my page, if not, then the file of jquery wouldn't load, so I can't use jquery directly.

            If I want to use jquery, I must use a component used jquery, for example, <rich:jquery/>; or I copy js loading fragment to my jsf page

      the fragment is:

      Is there a way which I can use jquery properly?




      RF 3.3 Final can't work with jsf2.0 project builded with facelets, right?


      Look forward your replies!


      Thanks in advance.