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    a4j push, implementing a logging service?

    Karl Krasnowsky Newbie


      I"ve looked at the working demo of this component, and while it appears to provide the functionality that I'm after I'm baffled at whether it's even possible to use it in the capacity that I'm looking for.


      I have a message server that generates message events as it performs backend processing, basically as a status system for clients to see how things are progressing, so, e.g., of what it might look like:

      [info] Connecting to server.

      [info] Inspecting xxx projects.

      [info] Located xxx projects in need of xxx.

      [info] Performing xxx on project xxx.

      [warn] Project xxx contains configuration errors, check log.

      [info] Performing xxx on project xxx.

      [info] Successfully applied xxx to project xxx.


      [info] Disconnecting from server.

      [info] Process completed.


      and... curtain.


      What I want to do is spit these messages out to textarea output control, appending each to the previously sent messages so it would look pretty much like what I've shown above.

      The working example shows one outputtext control getting pushed the event. Is what I'm considering possible using this component?


      thanks in advance for any feedback on this.