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    Alternative to Topic with many subscribers (100 +) ? (stalling delivery)

    Terry Paterson Newbie

      We currently have a configuration where we have one Topic with 100+ subscribers running under JBoss 5 / MQ,

      and we have been testing the same configuration out under HornetQ.


      however - it seems that we could easily get into a situation where one or more subscribers stops consuming, due to network issues, etc,

      and eventually the other subscribers would no longer be able to consume any new messages,

      since all of the messages in memory for that Address would be the messages which are only to be consumed by the problem consumers.


      we could of course - change to using lots of Queues and avoid the problem above,

      but that would presumably mean we would use 100 times as much memory and disk space,

      since each message would be copied to each of the 100 queues ?


      is there any kind of HornetQ Core configuration we could use which would give us the optimisation in terms

      of a single message, with 100 pointers to that message - but not cause delivery to block

      when a single subscriber stops consuming ?



      FYI - We probably deal with ~ 5,000,000 messages per day, all of which are durable, and we do not want to loose any messages