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    Remote Weblogic container support kick-off

    Dan Allen Master

      The SPI you need to implement to support a remote Weblogic container, or any container for that matter, is:



      Here's the signature of that interface:


      public interface DeployableContainer
         void setup(Context context, Configuration configuration);
         void start(Context context) throws LifecycleException;
         ContainerMethodExecutor deploy(Context context, Archive<?> archive)
               throws DeploymentException;
         void undeploy(Context context, Archive<?> archive)
               throws DeploymentException;
         void stop(Context context) throws LifecycleException;


      You can use the remote JBoss AS implementation as a reference:


      The JBoss AS remote container binds to port 9000 to communicate with the ProfileService, from which a proxy to the JBoss AS deployment manager is obtained. (This is similar to interacting with the t3 service on Weblogic). The ShrinkWrap archive is then converted to a Zip stream and streamed to the server.


      For completeness, I'll reference a blog which documents the Weblogic Maven plugin configuration as a starting point. Arquillian is built with Maven, so there will need to be instructions on how to wire Maven up to the Weblogic client JARs.



      Let's workout where the weblogic container module goes later. Until it's ready to be put in the mainline, I suggest sticking it into a github account or equivalent. I recommend building against Arquillian trunk until Alpha2 is released.