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    Clean install GateIn-3.0.0.GA throws exception

    Bert Laverman Newbie

      I downloaded the 3.0.0.GA binary distribution and unpacked it. Per instructions I started by running "startup.bat" (also tried "gatein.bat" and "catalina.bat"). Tomcat starts fine, but when I go to the "portal" webapp as indicated in the documentation I get an empty page. Tomcat command box shows huge exception trail mentioning it failed to start all sorts of components, finally poting at:

      Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.naming.NamingContext cannot be cast to javax.sql.DataSource
              at org.exoplatform.services.database.impl.HibernateServiceImpl.<init>(HibernateServiceImpl.java:134)
              ... 62 more


      Given this I checked but found no datasource definitions in any of the Tomcat config files. I also found "SEVERE: No Store configured, persistence disabled" in the log.


      Documentation just said unzip and run, so what did I miss here?



      Bert Laverman