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    Restrict all ejb proxies to same node on cluster

    Mark Jeffery Newbie



      I have a service locater that looks up 7 stateless session beans from a initial context that is created against a cluster .

      The proxies are cached to prevent subsequent lookups by the client.


      the initial context url



      I notice each of the 7 EJB proxies that are created, connect to a random node in the cluster. eg 3 to and 4 to


      My question is :

      Is there a way to ensure that all 7 proxies connect to the same node in the cluster ?


      The reason for this is that it is quite a mission to consolidate the backend logs for an entire interaction of the frontend against the cluster.


      ie : The interaction is interweaved across the 2 boxes and to tie up / follow the log entries can become complex


      Using a loadBalancePolicy of FirstAvailableIdenticalAllProxies looked like it would solve my problem but it did not. From what I can determine it keeps to the same node for proxy families. eg If I look up the same EJB twice, it will go to the same node.


      JBOSS AS Version 5.1.0GA