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    Setting Attribute Values with @Service

    Brad Collins Newbie

      We are converting from JBoss 4.2 to JBoss AS 5.1. I'm converting our SARs from using deployment descriptors to using annotations, and I cannot figure out how to set attribute values using annotations.


      Our jboss-service.xml file for JBoss 4.2 looks something like this (names changed to protect the innocent):


        <mbean code="messagebus.service.MessageBusService" name="jboss.jmx:service=MessageBus" interface="messagebus.service.MessageBusServiceMBean">
          <attribute name="ApplicationName">bus</attribute>
          <attribute name="JnpProviderUrl">ssl://localhost:61617</attribute>
          <attribute name="ConfigTopic">config</attribute>


      Using annotations for 5.1, the source code is as follows:



      public interface MessageBusServiceMBean {



      public class MessageBusService implements MessageBusServiceMBean {
      So then, how do I set my ApplicationName, JnpProviderUrl, and ConfigTopic attributes?