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    Windows Authentication with JBoss Messaging

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      I hope someone can help with this.


      We have installed JBoss Messaging on our JBoss Server 4.2.3. When Messaging is installed it creates a folder call messaging (JBOSS_HOME/server/messaging). In this folder we have our application which is a .war file. When we start jboss messaging( run -c messaging) it deploys the folder. This works fine and we can access our application.


      However we have been asked to use windows authentication to connect to our database rather than sql authentication. This means that our connection file in our .war file had to amended so that there was no login details i.e. username and password to connect to the database.


      Now when we start jboss messaging our application doesnt deploy and we are unable to use it. This is as a result of changing our connection file to windows authentication.


      When we deploy our application in the JBOSS_HOME/SERVER/DEFAULT it deploys fine with windows authentication and we are able to login.


      Is there a file we need to amend in the jboss messaging folder to allow this to work?


      If you need anything clarifying, please let me know.