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    Web Service Definition in ejb-jar.xml

    Slava Schmidt Newbie



      i need help with defining a web service with ejb-jar.xml without annotations. I have following class and interface. These are accessible as web service if defined with annotations.


      public interface MessagingConfiguration {
          List<String> getClusterUrls();

      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://some.namespace/", name = "MessagingConfiguration", serviceName = "MessagingConfiguration", portName = "MessagingConfiguration")
      public class MessagingConfigurationBean implements MessagingConfiguration


          @EJB(mappedName = "BrokerService")
          BrokerService brokerService;


          public ArrayList<String>
      getClusterUrls() {
              // do some work
            return urls;




      But if i try to remove annotations and add following configuration to my ejb-jar.xml, no web-service is available.


          <description>Messaging Configuration</description>


      I have both webservices.xml and one wsdl schema as well.


      Can anyone please give me a hint what am i doing wrong?


      Thanks in advice!